DVL Fermo

Color: DVL Black
Why did we use Daily Vegan Leather (DVL)?

Our Daily Vegan Leather is a classic Straightforward favorite because it's cruelty-free and an intensely durable alternative to cowhide leather. It is water-resistant, guaranteed to last for years, and is available in a sleek selection of colors.

Why did we design this?

DVL Fermo is the essence of stability in motion. Its firm, hard box structure is a nod to those who value steadiness in life's constant rush. The sleek magnetic snap and adjustable strap are designed for quick transitions, keeping up with the pace of the day. It's for those who move with purpose and stand firm in their style. 

What are its features?
  • Trunk bag 
  • Front exterior metal accent with magnetic snap
  • Nylon-Leather sling strap
  • What's the size of this?

    What can fit inside? 

    Fits your everyday essentials like phones up to 7.5", a small wallet, a coin purse, cosmetics, and keys. 

    What are my Payment Options?

    Take a second look.